SC Autism Testimonial: Katelia Mitchell

BI-LO-Bag Program

SC Autism Society provides case management services to families across the state of South Carolina that need assistance with resources and guidance for family members with Autism. One of those cases is Katelia Mitchell and her son Jaheem in the Greenville area. We sat down with her and asked her some questions about her time with SCAS so far. 

Date of Interview: 5/1/2020

Case Manager: Kim Kapadia

Services provided by SCAS: Respite, Case Management, Resources, Kim is really wonderful.

Why did you call SCAS in the first place? My son, Jaheem, was diagnosed at age of 3 with Autism. We had a case manager prior and she worked with Playworks they presented me with options on service providers and chose SCAS from that list. “I am so glad I chose SCAS, Kim is great, keeps me very informed, can shoot her text messages and she will call right back.”  Ms. Mitchell went on to say she has received regular updates from Kim with events and resources in the area that they can use to help improve their quality of life. Including free activities for kids and gift cards for free food. 

Issues you had prior to SCAS? Prior to SCAS Ms. Mitchell didn’t know all the help she could be receiving. SCAS has helped with financial funding for respite giving her time off. Recently Ms. Mitchell was laid off, Kim has provided help with funding for rent, utilities and food during Covid-19. 

Any other information you would like to add? “I love Kim to death and glad to have her!! This is a blessing to be with SCAS, it is wonderful. I am enjoying it and Kim is helpful, if I need her she is there.” 

BI-LO-Bag Program

Looking for Autism Resources? 

Here at SC Autism Society (SCAS) we can help provide:  

  • Parent-School Partnership:  PSP seeks to assist children with autism in receiving the best education possible by helping to build relationships between the school and the parentsSupporting Families Around South Carolina
  • Case Management:  Is an expansion of the society’s existing programs of information and referral and advocacy.  SCAS  provides Case Management to DDSN eligible individuals with autism spectrum disorders
  • Information and Referral:  Providing information to parents and professionals about autism and available services
  • Advocacy:  SCAS provides advocacy on all levels from the individual level on up to the system change level

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We are actively building connections with businesses, schools, government and churches to provide resources to families in need across South Carolina. If you need help in your home or would like to help, please contact us! We cannot wait to hear from you!