Advocacy is provided by SCAS at all levels, from the individual services to the system-change, statewide level.  We also work with policy makers throughout the state to help improve the services available to individuals with Autism.

We have worked with families and legislators to generate funding for programs and develop new programs like the Pervasive Developmental Disorder Program, and Ryan’s Law. We have also been working with the State Department of Education to update the eligibility criteria under the Autism category to include every Autistic individual regardless of their needed level of care.

In our role as advocates, SCAS participates in many committees and taskforces statewide. SCAS has been represented on the Act Early Project hosted by the Center for Disability Resources, the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on Special Education, and many more groups throughout South Carolina. Through our active networking, we hope to increase the understanding of Autism and to improve the quality of life and services for Autistic individuals.

Federal Advocacy


To stay up to date and get involved with national Advocacy efforts, visit the Autism Society Action center and sign up for the Capitol 
Connections newsletter.  You can also find your national representatives, and send emails to them about policies that matter to you.

Autism Society Action Center

Capitol Connections
Volunteers with us

Autism Society South Carolina (SCAS) offers opportunities for persons that would be interested in donating their time to help connect everyone in the Autism community to the resources needed to live fully.  The volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to awareness, fundraising, conferences, mentoring, office, outreach and training.

Please contact our office if you would be interested in becoming a volunteer.  Our office number is (803) 750-6988.  Someone may conduct an intake screening to find out what areas in which you would like to help.