Our Mission


The mission of the South Carolina Autism Society (SCAS) is to equip those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders with knowledge and support to maximize their quality of life.

Vision and Values:

SCAS envisions individuals and families living with autism to be able to improve their quality of life, independence, and to be treated with the highest level of dignity and live in a society in which their talents and skills are appreciated and valued.

SCAS believes:

  • Individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have a right to fully participate in all of society
  • Individuals with ASD and their families deserve high quality information on autism
  • Individuals with ASD and their families have the right to information on all treatment options, the ability to evaluate each option, and to make a selection of the treatment option that best fit their needs
  • Children with ASD have the right to a free appropriate public education
  • Individuals with ASD have the right to receive appropriate and quality services
  • Individuals with ASD who are receiving services have the right to receive those services without fear of abuse, neglect and exploitation
  • Individuals with ASD have the right to make decisions concerning their own lives
SC Autism Society

Building Connections


We are actively building connections with businesses, schools, government and churches to provide resources to families in need across South Carolina. If you need help in your home or would like to help, please contact us! We cannot wait to hear from you!