What we do.

Autism resources for individuals and families:

  • Parent-School Partnership:  PSP seeks to assist children with autism in receiving the best education possible by helping to build relationships between the school and the parentsSupporting Families Around South Carolina
  • Case Management:  Is an expansion of the society’s existing programs of information and referral and advocacy.  SCAS  provides Case Management to DDSN eligible individuals with Autism
  • Information and Referral:  Providing information to parents and professionals about Autism and available services
  • Advocacy:  SCAS provides advocacy on all levels from the individual level on up to the system change level

We provide:


  • Information and referral services
  • Information source for current treatment options and national trends in research
  • Continued involvement in advocacy with governmental agencies and state and federal lawmakers
  • Opportunity to network with people who have common interests and concerns
  • Annual informational meeting
  • Interagency collaboration

Covid-19 resources.

The Autism community faces extraordinary challenges during the COVID-19 crisis. We are proud to share this toolkit from Autism Society of America, which provides COVID-19 information and resources by topic, including Mental Health & Respite, Modifying Routines, Lifestyle Supports, and much more.