Autism Resources for Individuals and Families

  • Parent-School Partnership:  PSP seeks to assist children with autism in receiving the best education possible by helping to build relationships between the school and the parentsSupporting Families Around South Carolina
  • Case Management:  Is an expansion of the society’s existing programs of information and referral and advocacy.  SCAS  provides Case Management to DDSN eligible individuals with autism spectrum disorders
  • Information and Referral:  Providing information to parents and professionals about autism and available services
  • Advocacy:  SCAS provides advocacy on all levels from the individual level on up to the system change level

We Provide


  • Information and referral services
  • Information source for current treatment options and national trends in research
  • Continued involvement in advocacy with governmental agencies and state and federal lawmakers
  • Opportunity to network with people who have common interests and concerns
  • Annual informational meeting
  • Interagency collaboration

Covid-19 Resources

The autism community faces extraordinary challenges during the COVID-19 crisis. We are proud to share this toolkit from Autism Society of America, which provides COVID-19 information and resources by topic, including Mental Health & Respite, Modifying Routines, Lifestyle Supports, and much more.

Building Connections


We are actively building connections with businesses, schools, government and churches to provide resources to families in need across South Carolina. If you need help in your home or would like to help, please contact us! We cannot wait to hear from you!