The South Carolina Autism Society provides case management for individuals with Autism.  We offer services to residents in most counties throughout South Carolina.

You can use the map to the right to identify which case management region you live in.  Case managers are listed by region at the bottom of this page.

The choice is yours.

South Carolina is giving you the option of choosing who provides case management and other services.

The role of the Case Manager.


The Case Manager helps acquire services or things you and your family may need.


  • Provides an independent advocate for individuals with disabilities and their families
  • Assists individuals with disabilities and their families with residential placement and day services
  • Assists individuals with disabilities and their families in addressing needs and problems
  • Assists individuals with disabilities and their families in finding and maintaining appropriate programs
  • Monitors satisfaction

Any individuals who qualify under the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs guidelines for Autism Services are eligible for our assistance.

If you need assistance in this process, or you just want to talk over a possible change, please contact us via email, or call (803)750-6988.  We will be glad to answer any questions.

Case managers.

Our Case Managers help individuals and families acquire needed services and resources.


Abby Gilliam

Deandra Childs

Rashad Gault

LaPorsha Abney

Esfir Bogomaziuk

Krista Redding


Charlesetta Jabathy

Jasmine Porter

Joshua McLean

Mary Dean

Pee Dee.

Nikki Johnson

MaQuandra Cain


Cathy Taylor

Diane Seebeck

Building Connections


We are actively building connections with businesses, schools, government and churches to provide resources to families in need across South Carolina. If you need help in your home or would like to help, please contact us! We cannot wait to hear from you!