Schools and autism.

If your child is school age, you will want to contact your school system to start the special education process. They will evaluate further to determine if your child meets the Educational Classification for Autism. Note that the Educational Classification is different than a Medical Diagnosis. If they meet they Educational Classification for Autism, they may be eligible for a variety of services through an Individualized Education Program (IEP), including speech/language therapy, OT, special classrooms, and full inclusion programs. If they do NOT meet the Educational Classification, they may still be eligible for a 504 Plan, which provides classroom and testing accommodations, as well as behavioral supports and interventions if needed.

Please contact your local School District’s Child Find program, or talk to your child’s school for more information.

For additional assistance navigating the special education system, we have trained Parent Mentors to help with the process. Our Parent Mentors can help with IEP and 504 plans, handling behavioral issues, and other education-related issues. Contact our main office at 803-750-6988 to be connected with one of these staff members. This is a free service.  Learn more about our Parent School Partnership Program here.