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The South Carolina Autism Society is a historically statewide 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization that provides case management; educational mentoring and planning; information, referral and resources; outreach; and training for people with Autism, their families, and professionals who serve them.

 The South Carolina Autism Society also strongly advocates with state and federal governments to pass legislation to provide the services necessary for Autistic people to live fully.  Our mission is to create connections, empowering everyone in the Autism community with the resources needed to live fully.

How can you help?

Donate to support our programs and services, sign up to volunteer at our events, or reach out to us and find out what programs might be most helpful to you.  No matter what you need,  The South Carolina Autism Society can get you started. 


We envision a world where everyone in the Autism community is connected to the support they need, when they need it.



Your support is the key to helping us fulfill our mission: Your tax deductible gift can help us create connections for Autistic individuals and their families in South Carolina.  You can have a positive impact by making a donation to the South Carolina Autism Society.  Your generous donations goes directly towards providing assistance and services for Autistic people, and to achieving our mission.  Learn How

The South Carolina Autism Society is a statewide 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization that has been in existence for since the early 1970’s.  It relies on donations and sponsorships to provide its additional services including awareness, conferences, outreach, quality of life assistance and trainings.  The Autism Society South Carolina (SCAS’) non-profit federal Tax ID number is 23-7350663

The South Carolina Autism Society (SCAS) will be observing its 17th Annual Strides for Autism Walk on April 15, 2023. The Strides for Autism is a special occasion during “Autism Awareness Month” to raise public acceptance and awareness, provide information about autism, and learn more about the most misunderstood and challenging disorder today. This event is also an excellent opportunity for families, caregivers and guardians to educate themselves and others about autism and issues within the autism community, and what resources and/or services are available in the local communities.

The Strides for Autism Walk is our signature fundraiser event where persons and families impacted by an Autism Spectrum Disorder also have an opportunity to participate in a fun walk, family filled activities, fellowship, exhale and relax, and enjoy local vendors. The funds raised from this event helps the Autism Society provide resources for persons and families affected by Autism to develop to their fullest potential.

NOWS flyer

As a non-profit charitable organization, this giving season is vital to our strategy, mission, and vision. From the origin of the company, Autism Society South Carolina (SCAS), continues to be the one of the state’s non-profit organizations dedicated to the total welfare of all persons on the Autism spectrum and their families. Our commitment has been to equip those affected by Autism with the resources needed to reach their maximum potential. Our non-funded initiatives provide quality of life assistance where it is needed the most. Those initiatives include financial assistance with rent and emergency shelter, utilities, food, therapy, school supplies, summer camp, and more.

None of this would be possible without the generous support of our community. We are asking that you commit to making us your annual charity of choice,  sponsor us for Giving Tuesday, or make a one-time donation to help us continue to provide the level of support our families need and deserve. All donations are tax deductible, and we thank you in advance for your support.

Volunteer opportunities.

Volunteers with us

SCAS offers opportunities for persons that would be interested in donating their time to help us work towards our mission to create connections, empowering everyone in the Autism community with the resources needed to live fully.  The volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to awareness, fundraising, conferences, mentoring, office, outreach and training.

Please contact our office if you would be interested in becoming a volunteer.  Our office number is (803) 750-6988.  Someone may conduct an intake screening to find out what areas in which you would like to help.

**The South Carolina Autism Society (SCAS) does not endorse or recommend any specific products, services, providers, camps, or other programs. Therefore, appearance on this list cannot be construed as an endorsement or recommendation.  SCAS provides this information for informational purposes and the convenience of its consumers

Donate with Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is another way to support SCAS.  All you will need to do is click the button and Amazon will make a donation to the Autism Society South Carolina as your favorite charitable organization.

Specialized License Plate

The Autism Society South Carolina sponsors a license plate via the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.  The license plate is available to all residents across the state of South Carolina for a fee of ($30.00) dollars every two years.  You will need to continue paying for your regular motor vehicle registration fee.

Proceeds from the “Autism Awareness” license plate sales will be used for advocacy, education, information, and referral services.