SC Autism Testimonial: Ms. Dee English

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SC Autism Society provides case management services to families across the state of South Carolina that need assistance with resources and guidance for family members with Autism. One of those cases is Dee English in the Spartanburg area. We sat down with her and asked her some questions about her time with SCAS so far. 

Date of Interview:  5/5/2020

Case Manager: Kim Kapadia

Services provided by SCAS: SCAS has helped her pay a power bills, provide case management services and assist with respite care so she can errands. 

How have you enjoyed working with SCAS? “I’ve been working with them for 2 years and am very satisfied. My case manager (Kim) is really sweet. They have helped get me ssi for her daughter also assisted in getting a  home aid to come out 3 times a week.”

Issues you had prior to SCAS? “I didn’t know anything about the services I could receive until I met SCAS”

How did SCAS help you? SCAS has been a blessing, a wonderful resource for me and Zykeria! Big help with school. Always receive emails from case manager with resources and things going on in the community for Autistic persons.

Any other information you would like to add?
“Real thankful that I was able to find them. Been a blessing to me and my family. AWESOME thing to have!! “

Looking for Autism Resources? 

Here at SC Autism Society (SCAS) we can help provide:  

  • Parent-School Partnership:  PSP seeks to assist children with autism in receiving the best education possible by helping to build relationships between the school and the parentsSupporting Families Around South Carolina
  • Case Management:  Is an expansion of the society’s existing programs of information and referral and advocacy.  SCAS  provides Case Management to DDSN eligible individuals with autism spectrum disorders
  • Information and Referral:  Providing information to parents and professionals about autism and available services
  • Advocacy:  SCAS provides advocacy on all levels from the individual level on up to the system change level

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