The 16th Annual Strides for Autism!

The South Carolina Autism Society (SCAS)
16th Annual Strides for Autism Walked on
April 30, 2022


The Strides for Autism is a special occasion during “Autism Awareness Month” to raise public acceptance and awareness, provide information about autism, and learn more about the most misunderstood and challenging disorder today. This event is also an excellent opportunity for families, caregivers and guardians to educate themselves and others about autism and issues within the autism community, and what resources and/or services are available in the local communities.

The Strides for Autism Walk is our non-profit organization’s signature fundraiser event where persons and families impacted by an Autism Spectrum Disorder also have an opportunity to participate in a fun walk, family filled activities, fellowship, exhale and relax, and enjoy local vendors.

The funds raised from the Strides for Autism Walk helps the South Carolina Autism Society reach out to persons and families in forty-six counties impacted by an Autism Spectrum Disorder and to expand essential services in South Carolina, so that the organization can continue to help connect the pieces to the complex autism puzzle.

Our 2022 Walk took Place April 30th 2022 at Irmo Community Park. Thanks to our sponsors below for helping us put on this amazing event.

2022 Sponsors

Thanks to our generous sponsors who help make this walk possible year after year!


Town of Irmo
New Generations Adult Day Center
Bryant Business
Tailor Made Products
Lexington Medical Center
Stixx & Bowls
Lebby Consulting
Robert Charles CPA, P.A.
EFinancial Advisors