Autism & Informed Response.

Autism & Informed Response, (AIR), is an awareness training program for police; firefighters; and EMS personnel that was developed by the S.C. Autism Society. This program is designed to help first responders identify behaviors and characteristics of individuals with Autism, as well as provide tips for a more positive interaction. Our AIR program coordinator can help to create Community Day events that encourage open communication between families and their local first responders. For more information please call 803-750-6988 or 800-438-4790.

Autism training collaborative.

An analysis of state data confirms that Autistic individuals in South Carolina often fail to earn high school diplomas, gain employment, and live independently (State Performance Plan). The cause of such poor outcomes for Autistic citizens in South Carolina is linked to ineffective and uncoordinated systems of staff training. Project Autism Training Collaborative (ATC) will enhance staff training to benefit Autistic individuals across the life span. This project will create a training road map to ensure staff training is achievable and sustainable. For more information please call 800-438-4790.

Guardianship manual.

Guarding, Advocating & Protecting Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The South Carolina Autism Society has created a guide to help you determine which legal action is appropriate for protecting your transitioning child. Our handbook is intended to help you narrow down your legal options, but in no way is it intended to be used as legal advice or an endorsement from any attorney. For more information please call 800-438-4790.

All are welcome.

We developed a ready-to-use turnkey curriculum for faith-based communities to use in order to learn how to develop a welcoming and supportive community for individuals and their families. The curriculum tools developed are designed for all types of faith-based communities. For more information please call 800-438-4790.


Past projects.

Key Autism indicators and training (KAIT).

Rising Autism rates challenge schools serving Autistic individuals across the life span. The Key Autism Indicators and Training (KAIT) Project will develop the capacity of staff to create model programs based on eight key Autism indicators that reflect quality programming and best practices. These demonstration sites will become examples of effective practices for others to emulate.

School districts are encouraged to apply to be a part of this pilot intensive training program. Between three (3) and five (5) school districts will be selected to participate. School districts will identify their teams of four to six members, which could include teachers, aides, support services, and administration. For more information please call 800-438-4790.

Project means.

In 2009, the South Carolina Autism Society was awarded a grant by the SC Office of Exceptional Children to investigate parent involvement in special education. In Project Means (Meaningful Engagement Around the Needs of a Student), the SCAS, working with Dr. Vivian Correa of Clemson University and Dr. Mitchell Yell of the University of South Carolina, investigated the barriers to meaningful parent school partnerships in the special education process.

The MEANS Project identifies the strategies and resources that IEP team members (parents, professionals and students if appropriate) must utilize to create an effective family-professional partnership that centers on the student—the ME at the forefront of each decision at the IEP table. The purpose of the grant is to assist the school’s efforts to partner with families including culturally diverse families to improve the impact of special education services while fostering IEP participation and collaboration. For more information please call 800-438-4790.

Building Connections


We are actively building connections with businesses, schools, government and churches to provide resources to families in need across South Carolina. If you need help in your home or would like to help, please contact us! We cannot wait to hear from you!