Presise & Michael Chaney Fundraiser for SCAS

Join us at Lula’s Coffee Co. on September 4th from 8 – 11 pm for some great music as we raise funds for the SC Autism Society!  Lula’s is located at 600 Pamplico Hwy, Florence, SC 29505.

We owe a huge THANKS to Mr. Michael McNeill for organizing this fundraiser! Please take a minute to read about his motivation and share the event with your friends!


Having a son with autism took some time getting use to. When he was first diagnose at the age of 3, I was completely astounded with the news and clueless as to what i should do next. I was just hoping and praying that he was a shy little kid with a terrible speech delay. Shortly after that day, my wife and I knew we had to have plenty adjustments to make. In order to properly take care of our son, when had a slew of information to get familiar with. Information that I know the general public is unaware of. I’m a father who likes to go to the gym (which provides child care), I would feel a lot better if I knew that they were informed on how to deal with autism. My wife WILL NOT miss out on a lot of activities because she feels uneasy about leaving her son with an uninformed population of care-sitters. It’s nothing personal, but she just does what she feels is best for our 7 year old. Joining forces with SC Autism Society could be a dream come true if we could help inform our community about these social issues and much more…


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