iTexts Fundraising

What if you had a way to support the mission of the South Carolina Autism Society, receive great discount offers, and have a chance at winning $5,000, all at the same time?  What if you could do all this in just a few seconds a day?

Introducing South Carolina Autism Society on i-Texts!

How does it work?

Sign up for the South Carolina Autism Society i-Texts group, and agree to receive no more than 3 text messages per day.

For each text sent to your phone, the South Carolina Autism Society earns money!  You don’t even have to open the text message!  Just delete it if you want! Your only obligation is to merely receive the offers.

You may want to open the messages, as they will contain special offers from local and national companies who want your business.  Some of the national companies include McDonalds, Nike, P&G, Coke, and MORE!

There’s a chance one of the messages may even include one of the ‘no strings attached’ winning sweepstakes messages, worth up to $5,000!

All messages are family-friendly.  i-Texts will not accept advertising involving alcohol, tobacco, weapons, or adult themes.  Messages will only be sent during regular business hours in your time zone.  There is no risk involved – cancel at any time.  You do not have to buy, rent or consume anything. Just receive these great offers!  Donate your goodwill to help us support Autism.

Take a moment and sign up today!

From your cellphone:

Send a message to 70000
In the message box type:
SCAutism [space] your email address [space] your zip code [space]

OR go online:

Click http:\
Click on Enroll Now
Complete your profile by filling out the interest survey.

You will receive special offers/ads related to your interests.

Your information is secure, never sold, and you can cancel at any time.  To cancel, text to 70000, and in the message box enter the word “STOP”.

Need to know more?

Sign up today for this easy way to support the South Carolina Autism Society!