How to Create a New Fundraiser

Thank you so much for your interest in wanting to create a team to help raise money and awareness for the South Carolina Autism Society.

Please find below a walkthrough for how to create your fundraising page.

Step 1

Register or Login to Start your fundraiser.

You’ll see one of the following buttons depending on if you are logged in or not.


If you are not logged in, you will see this button to ‘Register’


If you’re already logged in, you will see this button instead.

Step 2

Give your fundraiser a good name.

For Teams You must start your fundraiser name with ‘Team’, followed by a team name.  Or “Uncle Joe’s Birthday”.

Name your Fundraiser

Give your best paragraph on why someone should donate to your fundraiser/team.
Pro Tip: Use this space as well to list out your team members helping you.


Set your fundraiser goals, Start date, and End dates.

For Teams :You must set a crowdfunding goal [Turn On].  You must set a financial goal.  It can be as small or as large as you wish.  You must have an end-date set no later than one day BEFORE the event you’re raising money for.  For example if the event date is May 5th, your end date can not be any further out than May 4th.

Reward levels are up to you, but you are responsible for creating them and following through with them.  For example, you may say that for a donation of $100 you will send a hand-written note to them, but for a $200 dollar donation, you’ll send them a unique video on youtube thanking them.  If donation level requires that you send a physical item, you’ll need to collect a mailing address from them.  This may turn some people off from donating at certain levels, so use levels and requirements with caution.  It’s suggested that you do not use levels that require their mailing address for a better chance at reaching your goal.


Set a thank you message (that they see online once they’ve made a donation), and if you like, an email message that they will receive afterwards.  Note, you can click the blue ‘i’ for shortcut codes to help personalize the message and email.


Step 3

Save your fundraiser, Preview it, and when ready, make your fundraiser live and share it with the world by publishing it!