Create A Fundraiser Team – Earn a Shirt

Each year we allow you, and encourage you to create teams to raise money for events, such as Strides for Autism. The process is fairly simple and allows us to have a greater impact in our community while giving YOU a chance to raise money and awareness… and get a pretty cool shirt.

Essentially you will be creating an individual fundraiser that will be located here.  Since you’re doing this as a ‘team’ effort, be sure to name your fundraiser with your team name.  More help on creating a fundraiser can be found here.


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Here’s how YOU can earn your FREE T-SHIRT.

Step 1)

Register! – Be sure to register at EventBrite!
Midlands Registration Upstate Registration

Step 2)

Create a Team Fundraiser Page – Get helpful hints here
Already logged in? Create Team Fundraiser Not an online SCAS Member? Register Here

Step 3)

Promote Your Team’s Fundraiser & Earn a Shirt  – Tell all your friends and family to help you raise money by giving them your team’s fundraiser link from step 2.  For every $100 your team earns, you’ll get one more T-shirt for your team!*


*Please note We would love to give you endless t-shirts for every $100 you earn.  However we need to restrict how many shirts we can give out, based on the number of team mates you actually have.  For example, if your team consists of five people, and you raise $700, you’ll receive a total of 5 shirts. If you fall short of  raising enough money for all your team members, you will receive t-shirts in the order they registered for the event.  After all, this is ultimately a fundraiser.  Right? 🙂