CDC Releases Autism Prevalence Rate

Today the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta released the latest autism prevalence rates.  Researchers reviewed both health and educational data for 8 year olds from 11 states across the country.

Based on their research, the CDC announced the autism prevalence rate remains at 1 in 68.

It is too early to determine why the rate remained the same.  The numbers do not mean that the prevalence rate has stabilized, nor that there is no increase in the number of individuals diagnosed.  In fact as our population grows, the number of individuals diagnosed also grows.  There are still over 3 million individuals living with autism in the United States alone.

The South Carolina Autism Society sees this as further evidence of the need for supports across the lifespan for those affected by autism.  Services are vital starting with early-intervention, and continuing through school age and adulthood.  Individuals affected by autism may need medical care, therapies, educational services and accommodations, employment and opportunities for independent living.  Further, they need to be understood and accepted as contributing members of society.  We will continue to work hard towards these goals.

Please consider joining us in one or more of the special events we have scheduled this April in recognition of Autism Awareness & Acceptance Month.  Together we can ensure that all individuals with autism spectrum disorders reach their maximum potential.

To learn more about autism and the South Carolina Autism Society, please visit our website at or contact us at 803-750-6988.

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