How to Choose an ABA

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How to Interview and Choose a Qualified
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Provider

Finding the right ABA provider can seem like an overwhelming task for families.  The following four steps will help simplify the interview process and ensure that the provider you choose is:

  • Qualified to provide effective services
  • A good fit for your family

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STEP 1:  Check Credentials. This initial step helps you to determine if candidates have the required training and qualifications to provide effective therapy for your child and lets you know if you should proceed to the interview.

STEP 2:  Interview Therapists. The interview process allows you to see how the provider plans to work specifically with your child and if they are experienced in dealing with your child’s particular issues and strengths.  This step also helps you decide if you feel comfortable with how the provider responds to you and your concerns as a parent.

STEP 3:  Interview References. Checking references allows you to get feedback from other families and professionals about the provider’s ability to provide successful treatment, respond to concerns and operate in a professional manner.

STEP 4:  Introduce the Provider to Your Child. Interaction between the prospective provider and your child will help you determine if a comfortable and productive relationship can be established.