ASD Caregiver Survey- Barriers and Treatments

I am a doctoral student at Louisiana State University and have been working in the field of ASD for a decade trying to improve service access. My colleagues and I are studying factors that affect caregivers’ experiences accessing diagnostic and treatment services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We feel this is a particularly salient issue at present given recent changes in many major insurance policies as well as state and national initiatives surrounding ASD service provision.

Accordingly, we’ve developed an online survey for caregivers of children with ASD in order to better understand the process of accessing services, including factors affecting decision making in what services to pursue (evidence based vs. non-evidence based), and barriers experienced along the way. We hope you will consider sharing the information with primary caregivers who may be interested in helping us better understand how to improve the process of accessing effective services for ASD.

The survey takes approximately 20 minutes. No monetary incentive is offered, but the research targets what we feel are important components of improving service provision and access.

Here is the link for the anonymous survey, which has been approved by Louisiana State University’s Institutional Review Board.
It can also be reached via this condensed link, created for the flier:

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Lindsey Willis Williams, MS, CRC
Louisiana State University
Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology

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